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The spirit of the place

“Eating healthy has to be a pleasure. Dessance gives life to the taste of the vegetables, herbs and wild greens.”
Philippe Baranes

Seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs, pure products of mother earth, are at the center of the plates to bring surprises and make travel through original flavors.

It is time of an incredible vegetarian cuisine. Now, you will discover Carte Blanche tasting menus, with a full set of textures and temperatures, combined with vegetable or animal proteins, prepared in front of you to taste notes sometimes acidic, savoury, bitter umami, smoky, a little bit spicy, sweet...

You will also discover homemade alcohol-free drinks: juices, kefir and fresh fruit and vegetable milkshakes, as well as pairings with exceptional wines, produced with little or no inputs to foster the expression of the terroir.

Housed in a seventeenth century mansion in the Marais, Dessance demonstrates a particularly bold architectural concept which won the Paris Design Award, 2014-2015.

For your well being and pleasure, we look forward to seeing you for lunch, dinner and brunch.